Kristi Phillips, CRNP
Kristi Phillips, CRNPTreats Patients at our Leesburg and Frederick Locations

Ms. Phillips obtained her nursing degree from Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2003. She eventually went on to advance her career and graduated as a Nurse Practitioner in 2012 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Ms. Phillips has extensive experience in pain management and has worked in pain clinics in both Mississippi and Oklahoma where she has been diagnosing and treating acute and chronic pain since 2012. She and her family recently relocated to northern Virginia.

Prior to her work in pain management, Ms. Phillips worked as a nurse in multiple specialties including women’s health, gastroenterology and plastic surgery.

Ms. Phillips moved into the pain specialty to help meet the need for conservative, proactive management of chronic pain. She states, “My overall goal for patients in pain management is to decrease their pain using a multidisciplinary approach in order to increase their functionality and ability to participate in the things they enjoy. I believe that It is crucial to really listen to your patient and set realistic goals with regards to their pain management treatment plan.”