It’s Pain Awareness Month: Learn About the 2 Main Types of Pain

It’s important to know how to identify your pain. Some people ignore it because they think it is just a part of aging, which is associated with some common myths. , but we are not supposed to be in pain as part of our general well-being. Pain is the way your body talks to you to let you know that something isn’t working. Learning about pain is the first step.

There are so many types of pain people suffer from these days and it’s so important to get to the root cause of it. Some doctors look for ways to put a band aid on pain, but at Newbridge, your doctor will help you find the answer to your pain.

There are 2 main types of Pain. Both can be debilitating.

1. Acute Pain is caused by a specific impact to your body where you are able to identify the exact source such as a broken bone, a burn, etc. This type of pain usually does not last past the time of an injury healing.

2. Chronic Pain is pain that lasts longer than 6 months. It is pain that is still occurring long after an injury has healed or recovery from an illness and can even happen with unknown causes. The sources of this type of pain can be from fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disease, nerve damage and more.

Use these helpful online tools to identify the source of your pain. Newbridge has informative videos you can watch. The American Chronic Pain Association has created Pain Communication Tools that can help you to identify the areas, intensity, and quality of life you have with your pain. Also, the U.S. Pain Foundation has created My Pain Plan so that helps you to explore treatment options across seven different categories that you can add to the plan you create.

The most important thing is to take action rather than ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Imagine how much better your quality of life will be once you get it under control.

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