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  • "Dr. Chada & Ms. Cecelia truly listen to what was going on they have been able to treat & manage my pain giving me back a quality of life with my family. I have had to learn my limitations but they are much higher then what they use to be. Being able to actively enjoy life with daughter growing up is beyond measurable. These 2 ladies are what makes Newbrige Spine in Waldorf nothing short of magnificent!"

    Heather E.,

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    "Dr. John has been my saving grace. I came to him in January, after the Navy moved us, I was desperate for help. Dr. John took his time with me, tried multiple injections that were different than what I'd had before to try and contain the pain. He eventually lead me to my having a spinal cord stimulator implanted, 3 weeks ago today and I'm now virtually pain free!"

    - Kelly U in California, MD,

  • Very knowledgeable and professional. I have been treated by Dr. Sanghvi for over three months. He listens and explains the causation and treatment plan for my condition thoroughly. I have the utmost trust in his decision making and have yet to disagree with any procedures he has provided.

    Kevin K.,

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    So... if you've carried chronic pain for several years and a doctor's office can alleviate the pain, that office should get great reviews, right? Newbridge Spine (NBS) is more than that, and the reason for my two cents. They not only treat the pain ( ooooh-yeah :-) ), they have a great team. As much as anyone enjoys visiting a doctor's office... the team at NBS are awesome folks - professional, courteous, friendly, and would seem to me that all of them LIKE their work, and ENJOY being there! Thank you Dr. S, and to your team.

    J Leo - via Google,

  • I have been going here for almost a year now. Everyone in this office is amazing and so nice . They listen to you and help you any way they can. Great job guys!!!!

    Sasha M. - via Google,

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    This is a fabulous group of doctors and staff. Any one who needs relief from pain please go see them

    LuAnn M. seen in Frederick,

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    I can finally walk pain free - thought it would never happen - refused to be operated on and this did the trick! I would recommend this facility to anyone with back pain - took me years to get the relief I have now. The doctors are wonderful and the staff is great. Everyone is there for you! You just need to give them a chance!

    Bonijean S. seen in Frederick,

  • I have been going to Newbridge Spine for about 8 months now and they are very concerned about what your issues are and do their very best to make sure they do everything they can to keep you conformable. The staff is all very pleasant and understanding. In my eyes they are concerned about you and not money. I have had 5 back and neck surgeries since 1985 and have seen a lot of doctors and in my eyes I rate them number 1 for keeping me out of pain. God bless you all!!!

    Tina K. seen in Frederick,

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    I had a great experience here. They were able to get me in right away. I thought the staff was professional and courteous. I had two spinal epidurals all the ladies in the back where really kind one of the nurses even held my hand as I was very nervous for my first round of injections and not knowing what to expect. I feel amazing because of this place.

    Angie C. seen in Leesburg 9/15,

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    I usually do not fill these out but wanted to express how impressed I am with this office in Waldorf. I have only been there 2'xs so far but I really like them. Compared to the other pain mgt. place I had went to before this group is TOP KNOTCH! I Like the Dr. I see, (Dr. Chada ) She actually Listens to what you are saying and does not cut you off while trying to explain your issues. The staff is very pleasant and very professional. I had my cervical facet injections this morning and it went soo much better than it did at the (OTHER) place I had it done in the past. At this point, I would say I would HIGHLY recommend this office. I am hoping these help my pain level in cervical spine so we can move on to my herniated disc in lower lumbar. Thank you

    Vicki C. seen in Waldorf 9/15,

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    Dr. Shaikh is a very good Doctor. He trys different shots [when] other doctors ... gave me the same one for 7yrs. He is always polite and nice and when he gives you a shot he makes sure you are comfortable. I got shots with only numbing the area. Wonderful Doctor, he is very gentle and makes sure you are ok.

    Rebecca W.,

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    "I have never felt as comfortable, understood and hopeful [for] my injury and pain condition as I did on my first visit to Newbridge. The knowledge and personal communication [presented] in a way that I could understand far surpasses anyplace else I have received treatment in almost 15 yrs." -

    Mark C. seen by Dr. Shaikh in Frederick,

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    Dr. Shaikh was one of, if not, the best doctor that I ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She took lots of time to listen to what my issues were in trying to come up with a solution to help me. The whole office experience was very pleasant. The whole experience from start to finish was outstanding. - Steven K.

    Steven K. ,

  • "Newbridge Spine & Pain, Dr Gonchigar & Carlton McClellan are all extremely caring and professional. I always feel that they take the time to listen, discuss, and explain. Top notch in my book!!"

    Miles W. - Frederick, 10/7/14,

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    "Just want to say a big thank you to Dr.Chada and the office staff. After 2 years of pain, surgeries & procedures I've finally been pain free for 2 weeks after a nerve injection done by Dr. Chada. The office staff there at Waldorf is awesome too! You guys are always smiling and very friendly!!thanks again."

    Nicki P - via Facebook,

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    "The best place to [get] things done the right way, great the first time"

    Rick D - via Facebook,

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    "I am so pleased with every aspect of this center. My daughter recommended me to come here because of her outstanding recovery from back and knee problems. She had been receiving treatment for years with little result, but, in a short period of time [under the care of Newbridge] she became free of back and knee problems and continues to progress both areas. I recommend this center to all."

    Aretha B,

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    "After a car accident left me with chronic pain, Newbridge Spine & Pain Center helped me so much. I am so thankful to have regained my quality of life again. It's amazing what they have done for me.”

    Lea F,

  • Pain Free Couple

    “Newbridge Spine & Pain Center doctors understand my pain and are always sensitive to my needs. They take the time to listen to what I have to say, and when I have questions, they give me detailed answers.”

    Cynthia R,

  • Work with out pain

    “I have been able to continue working at my job because Newbridge Spine & Pain Center doctors take care of me and my pain. Thank you!”

    Dennis M.,

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    “Dr. Gonchigar and his team have become special people in my life. Even when they are really busy, I feel like I'm their only patient that day.”

    Dee Dee G.,

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    “I became a patient at Newbridge Spine & Pain Center following a serious work-related injury. I like that I am always greeted warmly by the same friendly staff. They know me, they know my pain condition and they take great care of me.”

    Michael P,

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    “When I first went to Newbridge Spine & Pain Center, I was suffering from extreme pain due to spinal stenosis. Dr. Gonchigar and his team quickly designed a treatment plan for me ... and it works. It's incredible. They gave me back my life. I believe I've found the perfect pain doctors...in addition to being experienced and professional, I know they genuinely care about me.”

    Linda H.,

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    "Every time I walk in the door, I feel so fortunate to have found such a caring and compassionate doctor and staff. They give me much-needed relief and I am able to live a normal life now. Anyone experiencing any kind of pain should go to Newbridge Spine & Pain Center.”

    Gladys M. G,