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Seasonal Injuries and Pain

Seasonal Injuries and Pain

Winter and the holidays is an exciting season. Most of us are spending time with family and friends, rushing around and putting up or taking down decorations for the changing holidays.

It’s at this time of year we see an increase in accidents and injuries that have potential to develop in to acute or chronic pain conditions. Conditions such as disc herniationpinched nerves, and lower back or knee injuries can develop from accidents caused by common actions we take during the holiday season. Therefore, we urge our patients to take extra caution. Here we offer a few things to remember when fulfilling your holiday cheer.


Improper lifting technique can harm both your knees and lower back.

Remember to keep a wide base, bend at the knees (squat), slowly lift, use your feet and lead with your hips.

For more info on proper lifting technique visit:

Pain during the Holidays


Pulling out items from above your head can put tremendous strain on the shoulders and cervical spine if done in a haphazard fashion.

Beware of over stocked boxes, they may be heavier than you think.

Be sure when you are pulling items from above your head you have someone or something beneath to help you catch them.


Holiday light stringing and removing increases the risk of falling from heights.

Falls can range in severity causing minor bruises to broken bones or vetebral fractures leading to spinal instability.

Make sure to use an appropriate ladder or step ladder and that it is placed on a firm and sturdy surface.

Dropped items:

Be wary if you are helping someone bring down decorations as you could be at risk for items falling from an attic or off the top of a roof or ladder.

If you’re not careful dropped items that cause injury can lead to a chronic pain condition.

Raking leaves and shoveling snow:

Improper raking and shoveling techniques can harm both your knees, upper and lower back. Avoid injury by using proper shoveling technique.

For a video on shoveling techniques visit:

Snow Shoveling Techniques