Our Policies

Our Policies and Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

Every patient receiving service from Newbridge Spine & Pain Center has rights and responsibilities as outlined in our Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Privacy Statement

As a patient you have certain privacy protections regarding your medical information. Newbridge Spine & Pain Center Privacy Policy adheres to all HIPAA guidelines to protect your privacy. Please review it carefully.

Patient Responsibility Statement

The objective of Newbridge Spine & Pain Center is to provide the highest quality care to our patients. With this consideration, a Patient Responsibility Statement has been established.

Newbridge Medication Policy

The physicians and staff of Newbridge Spine & Pain Center are concerned with your comfort and safety. The Medication Policy at Newbridge Spine & Pain Center is designed to enhance patient safety and the appropriate use of medication.

Newbridge Billing Policy

As a courtesy to our patients, Newbridge Spine & Pain Center will bill your primary and supplemental insurance per our Billing Policy. Our staff is happy to guide you through the insurance process.

Insurance Plans

Newbridge Spine & Pain Center currently accepts most major insurance plans. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to speak with our new patient specialist.

Medicare Ombudsman

Discover how the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman works for you.

My Medicare.gov

Learn more about this free, secure online service for assessing Medicare information.