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Interventional Pain Management. What is it?

Interventional Pain Management. What is it?

What is interventional pain management?

Interventional pain management or interventional pain medicine is a sub-specialty of pain management. Interventional pain specialists are devoted to the use of minimally-invasive techniques such as facet joint injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, vertebral augmentation, and neuromodulation (implantable drug delivery) therapies.

Finding long lasting relief can be difficult for many suffering from chronic pain. Interventional pain procedures offer new hope for patients presenting with any variety of persistent and severe pain conditions. In addition these procedures can help prevent patients from being tied to a long-term medication schedule.

Interventional pain specialists are highly trained in a myriad of pain procedures that treat the underlying source of pain, these procedures play a pivotal part of a multi-disciplinary approach to relieving pain.

These treatments offer pain relief for a wide range of conditions from headaches, pain in the neck, back or spine, to stomach, shoulder, pelvic, hip, knee or foot pain.

Patients often comment that seeking interventional pain management at the early stages of their diagnosis and treatment speeds up their recovery time and ability to pursue daily activities.interventional pain specialist

Is interventional pain management right for me?

These techniques, performed by qualified anesthesiologists, provide relief and improve the quality of life of many patients. To determine if a particular procedure or combination of procedures is right for you talk to your doctor, or make a new patient appointment. Our anesthesiologists will review your MRIs, Xrays, medical history and any records from your referring physician to determine a) the root cause of your pain and b) if you are a candidate for a procedure and c) what procedure you may benefit most from.

Interventional procedures are out-patient procedures performed in our office or ASC (ambulatory surgical centers) most of these procedures take less than 45 minutes from the time you enter the procedure room and require minimal recovery time. For patients who are anxious or in severe pain our office is equipped to offer monitored anesthesia care (sedation) to help you relax during your procedure.