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Newbridge Spine & Pain is joining Privia Medical Group

Newbridge Spine & Pain is joining Privia Medical Group

Newbridge Spine & Pain is joining Privia Medical Group

We are pleased to announce, as of 15 August 2017, Newbridge Spine & Pain Center has joined Privia Medical Group, a multi-specialty group of top physicians in our area.

What does this mean for patients?
• Same excellent service, same providers and staff
• Access to a new and improved Patient Portal
• Streamlined communication between your PCP and specialists for existing Privia medical group patients
• Improved EMR system so our staff can serve you better
• Options for text reminders for appointments.

What will existing Newbridge patients need to do?
1. Sign new forms at your first appointment on or after 8/15
2. Sign up for the new Patient Portal

We are still Newbridge Spine & Pain Center
It’s important to know that Newbridge Spine & Pain Center continues to manage and run our own practice under the umbrella of Privia Medical Group. Our practice location, contact information, and staff will remain the same.

As part of this transition, we will be offering access to a new state-of-the-art patient portal.

New portal invitations will be sent to all of our patients for whom we have an email address on file. When you receive this invitation, please take a few minutes to register your new portal account to take advantage of some great new features.

Lastly, our practice will continue to accept a wide variety of insurance plans.

Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. While we transition to a new system our staff will be doing their utmost to limit any interruption to the high-quality service you are accustomed to and deserve.

We ask for your understanding during our first few months as we learn a new system.

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Jay Gonchigar, M.D.
Founder & Medical Director
Newbridge Spine & Pain Center

Debra Turner
Chief Operating Officer
Newbridge Spine & Pain Center


Fashion and Chronic Pain

Fashion and Chronic Pain

Fashionably Painful: Is Chronic Pain the ‘new black’?

September has hosted fashion weeks around the world, Mercedes Benz  New York fashion week just wrapped up last week  (5-12th Sept) and London Fashion week kicked off  last Friday the 13th. I don’t know how much about fashion but I do know that fashions come and go. However, there a few fashions that seem to stick around that should be of  particular concern to people with predisposition for pain.  Any one (particularly for woman)with past injuries, whose had an accident or undergone back or neck surgery and people who suffer from chronic pain should take note of the following fashionable pain causing faux pas.

High healsFashion and Chronic Pain

An obvious fashion sacrifice and cause of pain is high heals. That’s why they are number one on our list. Most women have experienced aching feet after a night out or long work day in heals. This infographic [found on] sums up the flow on effects from wearing heals. Wearing heals puts your body out of it’s natural stance or alignment. Heals push your body forward which puts pressure on your knees, calves, Achilles tendon and the balls of your foot. Not to mention the pain and often damage caused to toes, from compression due to pointy toe shoes and twisted ankles resulting from missing a step in your narrow stilettos. Here are few things you can do to mitigate the risk of pain caused by heals.

  1. Moderation.Wear a 2 inch or lower heal more regularly than a higher heal – especially at work or when you are expecting to walk around frequently throughout the day.
  2. Kick your heals off. If you wear heals and sit at your desk or are at table during dinner take your heals off and stretch your toes.
  3. Quality. Get good quality leather heals that fee comfortable the moment you try them on – leather breaths and expands giving your foot the room it requires.
  4. Switch shoes throughout the day. If you walk to work or only need heals during a portion of the day, say during a meeting or presentation take a pair flats with you and wear them when you do not need to be seen in heals.

Heavy hand bags

Next to high heals this is among one of the most common faux pas women engage in. Carrying around your water bottle, entire make-up bag, a change of shoes, ipad, iphone, a box of kleenex,  tylenol, yesterdays lunch and the kitchen sink  may seem like a good idea from a preparation and convenience stand point; however, this habit is a huge issue for your cervical spine, shoulders and arms. Generally, the pain caused by this habit is acute pain and is caused by the additional stress and strain placed on your muscles but consistently carry a heavy purse could develop chronic pain.It’s not the size of the bag you carry it’s the weight but since huge bags are in fashion these days we often end up carrying much more weight in order to fill them.

  1. Alternate shoulders if you must carry a heavy purse.
  2. Get a purse with a thicker strap so the weight is distributed better across your shoulder
  3. Mix it up. Try and alternate between large and small purses day-to-day to relive some of the burden on your body.

Teased hair or tight hair buns / pony tails

Let your hair down! Tight hair styles can look very stylish, clean and professional however having your hair pulled up tightly can impact your scalp and
could result in headaches.

Heavy jewelry – No, nos

The chunky look has been in for a while and the latest trends revealed during fashion week  indicate this trend is not going anywhere. Heavy necklaces hanging around your neck are sure to pull your head forward and put additional pressure on your neck & cervical spine possibly resulting in longer term or severe pain. Wearing chunky necklaces made from heavy materials could cause additional pain on the neck and affect your posture resulting in pain further down the spine and back. If you still wish to wear chunky bling seeking options made from light materials such as plastic may be a better option to avoid unnecessary pain.

Share your tips!

No doubt there are more ways in which we sacrifice comfort and good posture in the name of fashion. Feel free to leave us a comment on pain causing fashion trends you’ve participated in or even better some tips to avoid additional pain and discomfort. 

Newbridge Spine & Pain Center  treats chronic and acute pain. Open 8am-4pm Mon-Fri our board-certified pain management specialists are located in, Frederick, Waldorf and Prince Frederick, Maryland  and soon opening a new location in Leesburg, VA.