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Barbara: Featured Success Story

Barbara: Featured Success Story

Barbara presented to our Frederick office with post-laminectomy syndrome (aka failed back surgery syndrome) causing lower back pain that radiated down her legs.

Read Barbara’s Q&A.

What was the nature/cause of your pain?:

I had lower back and leg pain due to complications from back surgery.

How did your condition affect your life?:

I couldn’t sit or stand up for more than 10 minutes. I experienced throbbing pain while standing up. I was forced to retire from teaching as I was unable to stand the 6 hours a day I had to. I couldn’t sleep more than 4 hours as the pain was waking me up. I had no sexual desire, no social life due to pain, and buttock pain also.

How did treatment improve your life?:

Spinal injections, along with the pain medication gave me relief.

How would you describe your experience with Newbridge Spine & Pain Center?:

All front office assistants, office manager,  nurses, Drs. and Carlton McClellan are my God-saviors with their marvelous support, understanding, attention, and patience that I don’t see at other places.

What advice would you give someone else with your condition or symptoms?:

Be honest and speak up. Firmly explain your frustration with pain and be sure to give a weekly summary of what you have been doing and how you try to work through the pain in order for the doctors to understand you better.

Don’t wait too long to take your medication if pain is intolerant. Of course, follow the pain dosages as prescribed.

If you experience similar pain due to complications after back surgery we can help contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced physicians in your local area.

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